Intelligent sales tool for B2B companies

You want to know who is interested in your products or services?


The benefits you can get out of eLander are:

Identify “opportunities” early in the process

you receive notifications for companies visiting your website, even when they do not fill out a single form.

Improve your lead qualification

When you receive a lead, eLander can offer you a better insight in the quality of the lead by looking at the browsing history of your prospect.

Easily identify cross-selling opportunities

By looking at the surfing behavior of a prospect, you get a clear understanding of which product or service they are looking for.

Detect regional tenders / projects you were not yet aware of

By analyzing product page views by region, you will be able to detect regional tenders or projects.

Measure marketing effectiveness more accurately

By looking at the surfing behaviour of specific companies you can get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your sales and marketing actions.