Intelligent sales tool for B2B companies

Your website is your most important marketing tool when you manage it well. Unfortunately, managers are far too often happy with looking at linear statistics, such as visitor sessions and unique visitors. But by doing so, they do not have the info they really need to support their marketing and sales force in better targetting those visitors. True, you can identify visitors, but only the “converted” ones, i.e. those who completed a “more information” form or those who subscribed to a newsletter.  You can use newsletter tracking or other conversion tools, but in general, it comes down to saying you only have a good idea about approximately 5% of your website visitor audience. That is a pity.

Who are the other 95%?

This is the area where we can help you out. For B2B companies, elander.be is able to identify a large part of those visitors by revealing the company name and location of the prospect, customer or competitor, and this in a customized way, so that you see exactly what matters most for your specific situation.

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