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Perfect lead generator

eLander.be is an interactive sales tool that shows you exactly which companies are looking for what information about your company, without the hassle of complex web tools that are typically used by webmasters. It gives you as a CEO or Sales Director valuable insights in the online behaviour of companies you already know and and companies you would like to meet.

eLander.be increases your understanding of what customers, prospects and competing companies are doing on your site. You get a simple instant or daily overview of the pages they visit most often, the pages they spend time on, and the frequency of their visits to those pages. And all this by name.


Invaluable prospection tool

eLander.be will automatically help you watch out for valuable prospects, as well as track customer on-line behaviour by company.

The immediate value is that you can easily monitor the impact or success of any type of  sales action. You will be able to track in how far your efforts result in customer or prospect interest, and adapt or enhance your strategy accordingly.

eLander.be will also give you a different angle on negotiations. Because eLander helps you to detect some direction in the other party’s interests, it gives you a stronger position to walk into your meetings.

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